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Transportation – Past, Present, and Future
Achievement Objective (Strand, Component, Level)

Nature of Technology – Characteristics of Technology – Level 3


Understand how society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology in historical and contemporary contexts and that technological knowledge is validated by successful function.


Intention (derived from Indicators of



I am learning to explain how technology (regarding transportation) has changed over the years and its impact on society.


Success Criteria:

●     Describe how technology has changed how humans travel throughout history

●     Students will be able to discuss how technologies have had a negative impact on society  ● Students will be able to discuss how technologies have had a  positive impact on society




1.      Teacher to generate a class discuss on how technology has evolved humans travel and how this has impacted society (roads, globalisation, drive-in cinemas, drive-thru restaurants).

2.      Brainstorm with the class major technological advances to transport throughout history (e.g. boat, horse and cart, train, car, aeroplane, spaceship)

3.      Students will be provided with the support visual material and worksheet. They will complete the worksheet that asks for the positive effects of each invention and identify how they have influenced society. Also, the worksheet asks students to draw what they believe will be the next technological advancement to transport.

4.      Groups to share findings with the class and discuss the social impact of each technology. Students will also share their concept drawing of a future transport technology and its key features.


Teacher Notes This activity ​can also be used for…

Students could also use their concept drawing of a future     The negative impacts of technology can also be explored in technological advancement as the basis for creating a           relation to transport. This can assist students with developing a product, in accordance with “characteristics of          holistic perspective of the impact of technology.  technological outcomes”.