(4/4) Student teacher is meeting ‘Fit to be a Teacher’ qualities at a very high standard.

(4/4) Student teacher is expected to reach Registered Teacher Criteria at a high standard.


It has been a great privilege to see Trent evolve over the weeks into a confident and effective teacher.

He has sought advice when neccessary and has always been willing to make changes or alter his programme in anyway that would enhance it.

I was particularly impressed with his knowledge, making learning interesting and challenging for all children. Trent you have come through total control confidently. You have been relaxed and professional in all areas and have coped well with many incidences that happen in a teachers day.

You are choosing suitable steps when working with each of the groups / workshops in reading and maths.

The children are enjoying your style of teaching and they respond well to your expectations.

You have demonstrated good management techniques combined with positive encouragement to children. Trent has provided interesting learning tasks for the children and his planning is very appropriate for the learners in year 2.

Trent will be an asset to any position he achieves and I wish him well for the future.

– Erin (AT)

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  • Trent attempts to pronounce Te Reo words ‘correctly’ (6e). Identifies diverse learning needs and considers the important of  these for his planning and everyday teaching.
    Trent’s observations are always analysed to generate new understanding and questions about the day to day running of the classroom programme when we are talking.
  • Trent has had discussions around Boy’s achievement, ORS children and funding, National standards.
  • Trent adapts planning to accommodate changing needs of the children and is able to run workshops at the right levels for the children.
  • Assessment data is gathered, analysed and interpreted well. Maths assessment findings were used to inform subsequent  planning and teaching. Trent used educational website, CPDS resource room to source assessment practices and asked excellent questions along the way.
  • All Trent’s planning have activated the children’s interests, Trent has worked hard to get to know all the children and their different learning needs and interests. All children have had a voice and ideas in the planning (6a). The children know their learning steps and goals along their learning. Trent has got feedback, back from most children and has given feedback and feed-forward to the children.
  • Trent has used syndicate plans to guide own planning. Learning is interactive and student centred for the children. Trent is able to use the resource room to locate resources needed. Trent always analyses why lessons have been successful and where to next for the children’s Trent has talked through and considers different ways of approaching a lesson, for the needs of the children.
  • Trent has been completely professional in his attitude and actions (6a) throughout his full control. He has openly and honestly disused  options, and sort advice whenever he has been uncertain as to what protocol or procedures should be followed. Trent has used a variety of teaching approaches to optimise the children’s learning.
  • I like the way you spend time reflecting about different lessons, you have taken and making changes where necessary. You are evaluating the children’s needs and giving them appropriate learning experiences.
  • Trent is excellent at recording his reflections after lessons and is developing his own understanding  and teaching practice. Trent always reflects on education philosophy with associate teacher daily. Trent has discussed teaching beliefs and practices with various staff members (6a)
  • Trent’s maturity has meant that he fits in easily with staff and related well with them (6a).
  • Trent quickly developed an effective rapport with students. He learned names quickly and used them, and showed a genuine interest in students through listening attentively when personal information.  He treated the students with respect and courtesy. Trent’s positive and engaging personality ensured that he was easily approached  by students. Trent has carried out all duties that were expected of him. He used some of his lunchtimes to ask excellent questions around his practice and where to next with some BEH children.
  • Throughout the weeks we have talked about different behaviours children display in the classroom and you have tried different ways to deal with those. I really like the way you relate to those children, while realising that there are 44 other children in the ILE space and they all deserve some of your time. Well Done.