Literacy Part A: Professional Inquiry Booklet

    • Due 8 Sep by 12:30
    • Points 30

Part A: Six in-class tasks and reflective statements (30%)

Six in-class tasks, related to the provocations and lecture content, will be completed collaboratively and reflected on independently.

These six tasks involve:

  • Identifying characteristics of learners in Years 5 – 8 with reference to key Ministry of Education documents
  • Oral language, vocabulary, concepts and approaches to the wide curriculum
  • Grouping, text analysis and school journal resources
  • Reviewing writing approaches and processes for older students
  • Writing analysis
  • Book club presentation
                           Part A In-class workshops: 30 marks


Signed by peer
Week One: (4 marks)  
Week Two: (4 marks)  
Week Three (4 marks)  
Week Four: (4 marks)  
Week Five: (4 marks)  
Week Six: Book Club (10 marks)  



Part A: Criteria for assessment: Students will:

  • Attend and participate in every workshop in order to complete each of 6 key tasks
  • Use course readings, independently sourced resources as appropriate, and MOE material to inform the topic
  • Collaborate with peers in the manner of a professional, contributing skills, understandings, experience and expertise.
  • Work in a co-constructive manner to complete, and to assist peers to complete, each task, each week.


  • Please Note:
  • Each week (first 5 weeks) 2 marks will be assigned for collaboration and completion of the set task in the workshop and 2 marks for your links made to readings/documents (4 marks over all on completion).
  • Your ‘Links to readings/documents’ must reference at least one of the readings/documents for the week
  • The final week will be the Book Club presentation to peers (10 marks available).
  • Tasks will be sighted by the lecturer at various times during the course.
  • The whole booklet will then be submitted by Friday 8th September (30 marks available)

Book Presentation Mark (10 marks)

Booklet mark (20 marks)

Overall mark (30 marks)