Assessment 1 – Technology

    • Due 14 Aug by 12:30
    • Points 35

Assessment Task One : Collaborative Technological Practice.

This assessment will involve you working collaboratively in groups of 5 to experience Technological Practice in a given context. We will outline the context for you in each of the first timetabled classes.

Collaboratively you will produce a portfolio using googledocs, inclusive of images (no more than 11 pages) to record all components associated with your technological practice. You will also produce an accompanying mock up and final prototype. All elements of this collaborative task must be submitted in hard copy by Monday 14th August 12:30pm to the assignment centre. One copy of the task with each group members cover sheet stapled to it. You will also need to submit one digital copy for your group via CANVAS – specific information about how the googledoc is to be set up will be provided in session one.

Collectively you will need to identify the various aspects related to Brief Development, Planning for Practice, and Outcome Development & Evaluation. There are also key questions provided that you need to answer and include within your documentation. You will not be marked in terms of collaborative effort.

We’ve provided an example of what this portfolio documentation as an outline might look like. It is by no means a definitive document – but you can get a sense of the material we’re asking to showcase.


Reminder You will need to submit the following to be assessed…….

(1) A collaborative portfolio document – both digital and hard-copy

(2) A mock up of your intended design idea – actual hard copy

(3) An evaluated finished prototype – actual final outcome

(4) Group members cover sheets – hard copy only


This will be marked against the assessment rubric, and lecturers will provide you with recorded oral feedback specifically against each aspect of the rubric.


All students in the group will receive the same mark and the same feedback.