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Annotation of a photograph

Select one photo from a documented session you attended. Cut and paste it on the page, and include 3 boxes. In each box comment on a feature of drama illustrated by your chosen photo. Each box is worth 5 points. (Total 15)

The 4 starters given on the template for you to use are:

  1. This shows a moment in the drama when…..

The Ss had been prepared for this work with steps such as…

The purpose of this activity was to….

Values for classroom and drama learning include ….and….

The LO would be…..

  1. An example of the feedback I could give the Ss using drama terms would be ….

As T I would hope that after this the students would be able to reflect that ….

Two of the particular values of drama that this activity illustrates are:….and …..

  1. A memorable feature of this work was…..           because…

Aspects of drama illustrated in this photos are….

A quote from a reading which supports this work is…

The work shows, as [x]says, that….

The most valuable learning about drama education that I take from this experience and from the reading is that …