Technology Planning Assignment: Assessment Task Three

Assessment TASK 3: Technology Assignment                                    Total Weighting 21 %
Due date:               Friday 7th April 12.30 pm (lunchtime)

Hand in:                  Assignment center

A web-generated cover sheet IS required

Targeted Learning Outcomes:                           2, 3

Graduating Teacher Standards:                        1a-c; 2c; 4a-d;


Clearly illustrate ability to plan for the teaching of Technology.

Task :              
Develop a classroom based activity aligned to an identified curriculum level for a component of either the Nature of Technology or the Technological Knowledge strands.

  • Complete a table (provided via a download) to identify the Achievement Objective, appropriate Learning Intentions and potential Success Criteria.
  • Illustrate links to the Indicators of Progression to support the development of conceptual understandings related to: either Characteristics of Technology or Characteristics of Technological Outcomes; or either of Technological Products, Technological Modelling, and Technological System
  • Identify supporting resource material and student graphic organiser.