Calendar Prescription:

Uses an evidence-based approach to develop professional knowledge, skills and dispositions for effective teaching in primary and middle school contexts. Addresses what it means to establish effective professional relationships and to teach inclusively and purposefully in complex environments. Requires demonstration of informed and ethical pedagogy.

To complete this course students must enrol in EDPRAC 607 A and B, or EDPRAC 607


Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1: Analyse and critically engage with information gathered from educational settings to inform, evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of their own professional practice.

Learning Outcome 2:  Demonstrate effective planning, assessment, organisation and management practices that are responsive to children’s learning.

Learning Outcome 3: Implement personal goals that enhance professional development.

Learning Outcome 4: Articulate and justify a personal philosophy of teaching, congruent with theory, research and practice.

Learning Outcome 5: Establish and demonstrate professional, ethical relationships in educational settings


Assessment Task requirement:

Students must complete all components of the Assessment Tasks to achieve an overall pass on this course. The course is graded Pass / Fail.


Attendance and Participation

Attendance in class as well as engagement with course activities and readings supports academic success. Therefore it is strongly recommended that students make every effort to attend class and complete all the necessary in-class requirements. For those students who are enrolled in flexible delivery courses full participation in, and completion of all the online activities is strongly recommended as an aid to success.

Students are urged to discuss privately any impairment-related requirements face- to-face and/or in written form with the course director/ lecturer and/or tutor.