Trent’s dedication to the students learning is admirable. This is seen through his ongoing lessons in Scratch. He has differentiated lessons for the children (1a) who are at different levels. I have been impressed with the way he has taken time to understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and has used culturally responsive strategies to create a positive learning environment for all students. Trent has planned and executed exciting and informative lessons for the children and they are very engaged and love the lessons (1a). He reflects upon his successes and failures, and responds by making appropriate adjustments in his instruction. Trent has shown his professionalism by attending and contributing to our team meetings each week.

Trent recognises the importance of relationships and creates a positive classroom climate where appropriate relationships are established to promote learning. He is committed to the continuous development of the students and considered how different motivational strategies are needed to communicate and encourages many ways of communication in the classroom.

Great work so far Trent you are doing a fantastic job and are definitely on track to becoming an outstanding teacher.

(4/4) Student teacher is meeting ‘Fit to be a Teacher’ qualities at a very high standard.

– Teri (AT)