Observation of [The Teacher] in a year 2 class with a Literacy focus.

Character analysis. Chose to draw a character from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Children happily drew their character.

You manage the transition from drawing at their tables to sitting back on the mat extremely well.
There are some challenging behaviours in the room but you maintain a calm and yet assertive manner with the students. Effective management strategies – clapping, counting down etc.

Good on you for affirming your expectations to refocus students – we are showing respect to the speaker. You are confident enough to ‘relocate’ those who are distracting others and are distracted themselves.

You seem to be so relaxed and calm in the classroom. This is potentially a REAL strength and the children are responding SO well to you.

This practicum is clearly a successful one for you and you have some really effective management strategies to take forward with you.

There are some very lucky children out there who are clearly going to benefit from being in YOUR classroom.
All the best.

– Lynda (practicum supervisor)